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Today’s the day of the Big Celebration, and all the nobles and peasants are gathered in the capital to partake in the festivities. There’s just one problem: nothing’s ready. As members of the royal court, it’s your job to scramble to prepare the festivities, lest the king fly into a rage and lop off your heads.


In Knights of the Kitchen Table, players assume the roles of the servants and knights of the royal household on the day of a Big Celebration. The goal of the RPG is to successfully pull off the feast of the century, no matter the obstacles. Players will cook, clean, barter, steal, sneak, fight, and craft their way to pulling off one of the greatest Celebrations the kingdom has ever seen...or die trying, at least.

Included in this game are 40 pages of rules and illustrations. Also included on this page is a digitally form-fillable player sheet.


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$4.99 $1.99 USD or more

In order to download this Pen and Paper RPG you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $1.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Knights of the Kitchen Table Core Rules.pdf 2 MB

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Knights of the Kitchen Table Fillable Player Sheet.pdf 141 kB


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Hello. I made a spreadsheet based character sheet for the game so that I could play a session with friends online. If anyone wants to use it you can make a copy from:

(It also has examples, if needed)

In the Character creation part of the rules you say that Morale and Favour max at 5, and the character sheet at the end has 5 boxes for each. However you then say that both starts start at 10/10, and in the Group Goals the Usurper goal makes people lose Favour if it is greater than 5.

Which is the correct maximum? 5 or 10?

Also you say "King’s Favor drops by one point for every day that the Big Celebration is delayed". Is that always 1 point per game day, or is the GC expected to give a number of "free days" first? Does the GC just decide when a day has passed, or should you track time? Or maybe track meals?