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Hello! This is a very cool RPG and I loved reading about it. The way it is structured (with a clear Big End culminating in the party) I think will help a lot to introduce it to tables that revolve around going to gamestores and the like, even if we may have to wait a few months for that to be feasible again.

Your classes and races are all quite distinct and yet their simplicity creates a really nice template to introduce homebrew ones! My favourite are the fae beasts and the ratmin :) Also I think it would be cool to add more mechanics for helping outside of Meals, I think you created a really smart way of doing it and it's sad to think it can only be used in that specific purpose. 

Anyway it's a really cool game !! Thank you for sharing <3 

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Hello. I made a spreadsheet based character sheet for the game so that I could play a session with friends online. If anyone wants to use it you can make a copy from:

(It also has examples, if needed)


In the Character creation part of the rules you say that Morale and Favour max at 5, and the character sheet at the end has 5 boxes for each. However you then say that both starts start at 10/10, and in the Group Goals the Usurper goal makes people lose Favour if it is greater than 5.

Which is the correct maximum? 5 or 10?

Also you say "King’s Favor drops by one point for every day that the Big Celebration is delayed". Is that always 1 point per game day, or is the GC expected to give a number of "free days" first? Does the GC just decide when a day has passed, or should you track time? Or maybe track meals?